Oreo + Shaved Ice= Oreo Bingsu!!!

Summer! During this hot summer, what type of food people usually want to eat?
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Korean University Student’s Summer Fashion

Summer is extremely hot this year and there was a news that said that the temperature this year to increase up to 40 degree Celsius!!!!!! Even thought the weather is super duper hot, korean students still can show their strong sense of summer fashion. And since im a guy, i’m going to talk about the guy’s fashion lol
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Girl’s day comeback with bubbly and retro song with “Darling”!!

We all know that these days girl groups always release their song with overly sexy concept but Girl’s Day released their song with more bubbly sexy concept with the retro twist!!! It is like a song that you can listen in the 90’s or 80’s. It has the Candyman’s feeling in it. Enjoy it guys!!!

And i forgot to say that they are also currently no.1 in Melon Chart! Congrats!!