Food that tastes like heaven!!!

The first thing that i worried about when i came to Korea is FOOD!!!!! I was really afraid that i didn’t like food here but i gained a lot of weight since i came here. I gained 10kg here in one year!!!
The reason why i gained so many weight is because of the delicious foods! If u guys have been to korea, then u guys will probably familiar with the food that i posted above! They called it as 뚝배기불고기(Ttokbaegi Bulgogi). Ttokbaegi means clay bowl and Bulgogi means cow meat. Here we just have to pay the main dish and they will give us the side dish or 반찬(Panchan) for free and u can refill it unlimited!! You guys should try it if u come to korea!!

I present to you the best thing that u can have in Korea!!!! This is the Korean Barbecue and i eat this at least once a month. You can pick various types of meat from 삼겹살(Samgyeopsal,three layer meat) to 한우(Hanwoo,Korean Beef). Hanwoo is quite expensive but it is so delicious that if u dont eat it you are going to regret.

If you guys have been to korea, what kind of food do you like the most? Comment below!!!


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