f(x) gave us some warning with Red Light

I became f(x)’s fan since they debuted and i can say that their concept is really different if compare to other kpop groups.

This time they made a new comeback with new kind of concept. At first i thought that it would be really scary especially when i saw krystal’s teaser pictures. But it turned out to be not that dark but it is really different than the concept that the other idols are doing.

Talking about Red Light, I think i like it the first time i listened to it. I had a hard time when i first listening to “Rum Pum Pum” but i like Red Light the moment i listened to it. To some people, it is kinda hard because it is loud and noisy but not for me.

Another song from the album “Red Light” that i recommend u guys to listen to is “Butterfly” 

I actually like this song more than “Red Light” maybe because i’m a ballad sucker. When SM released the medley of the album, this song captured me the most. The chorus makes me feel like I am in another dimension and i can’t stop listening to it!

So what songs do you guys like from the album and what do you think of f(x)? Comment below!!


4 thoughts on “f(x) gave us some warning with Red Light

  1. It sounds really complex. I don’t have the musical terms to discuss it well, but I would use layered as a good adjective. The chorus also has a really different progression versus typical pop. I really like it. Thanks.

    • I know right! Haha for some people it feels like they are listening to 3 different songs but for me maybe becoz of the smooth transition(? I forgot the word actually lol) between the layer, it doesnt feel their weird haha

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