Korea and Skinship!


Before i came to korea, i never heard of the word 스킨십 or skinship. What is the definition of skinship?

It is the skin of the ship? Lol of coz that is not the meaning of it. The Korean term, an example of Konglish, appears to differ in practice from Japanese ‘skinship’ as it is practiced between men, and especially teenage boys. It involves a range of common and not so common practices including: draping arms over each other, sharing umbrellas, sitting in each other’s laps, massaging, stroking, toying with each other’s hair, holding hands, playing with fingers, resting head on another’s lap or thigh, playing with ears, etc, etc.

I am from a country that doest practice this kind of culture so i was really shocked when my friend started to touch me at my wrist and arms. It does sound so wrong but it is the way they express their affection to their close friend and it also doesn’t mean that they are gay or something. It tool me more than 1 year to adapt to this culture. In Malaysia, it is normal for girls to hold hands but not for guys so it was really hard for me to get used of these skinship thingy.

In korea we had this what we called as 엠티 or MT which means Membership Training (gonna do a post about this later haha) and we stayed at a pension for a night. I still remember that i slept near one of my closest 형(hyung which means a guy that is older than you) and he suddenly did the thing like in the picture above. Yes, that is me the picture lol My other friend took the picture. I didnt know what should i do so i just stayed in that condition for like 1 hour before he woke up.

So have you guys experience this kind of skinship? Tell me about it below!!


3 thoughts on “Korea and Skinship!

  1. In Spain that would be considered gay stuff
    guys don’t do that… they hugs sometimes but holding hands it’s too much they say I love you motherfucker, ”te amo joputa” things like that to show their affection lol!

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