Korean University Student’s Summer Fashion

Summer is extremely hot this year and there was a news that said that the temperature this year to increase up to 40 degree Celsius!!!!!! Even thought the weather is super duper hot, korean students still can show their strong sense of summer fashion. And since im a guy, i’m going to talk about the guy’s fashion lol

1. 반바지(Pan paji) or Short pants
Short pants is the first must wear item during summer! I can see that 70 percent of guys will wear short pants rather than jeans during summer because well it is hot. One of my korean friend said that it is comfortable to use short pants because they already wore jeans for like most of the time during autumn, winter and spring!! The type of short pants that they use is like the one that i posted above.

They will not wear the Hawaiian kinda short pants because here people use it only when they go to the water park or to the beach.

2. 셔츠 (Syeocheu) or Shirt
What kind of shirt that matches that short pants above?

Korean students like to look smart even during this hot summer weather so they usually use the shirt that the models use on the picture. Before i came to korea, i never saw people usually use long sleeve shirt with a short pants but after i came here, it looks pretty cool and of coz i cannot be the one who doesn’t wear this kind of fashion so i bought for myself too!

Here you can actually buy the full set of it and sometimes they also have that kind of shirt but it is short sleeve.

Another kind of clot that some korea students love to wear is the checkers shirt! Summer means checkers shirts but i can see that the amount of students who use this kind of shirt is decreases.
Here are some of the shirts they the students use during summer!!

The strip shirt!!

And the collar shirt!!!

3. Sandals

This kind of sandals is the ‘it’ thing now in korea! 60 percent of the students wear this sandals!!! But during exam week, if you go to the library you can see this fashion…

I know it is indoor but for me sandals with socks is a big NoNo…

So what do you think of korean students’ fashion?


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