Korea Experience: Shower Me With Your Color!!!


Today is the day that i have been waiting for like 2 months after we bought the ticket to Color Me Rad Korea. To those who don’t know what Color Me Rad is, it is marathon + playing with the color power lol. But the thing is most of the people just walked and danced with each other haha.

Thinking about Color Me Rad made me feel really happy and excited!! It cost me 35000won which is like RM108 or $33.97. 3 days before the day, we went to the 종합운동장(Jonghab Stadium) to pick up our packet.

Inside the packet there were:

1. Official Color Me Rad Korea T-Shirt

2.. Fake Tattoo

3. Sunglasses which we could choose our favorite color

4. Your Number

5. Discount Coupon


Clean and clear before the race

Today we went from 신촌(Shincheon) to the stadium at 10am because we supposed to run at 12pm. There were so many people that you could not even walked properly and we needed to rent a locker because most of us brought extra t-shirt so that we can change after we got powdered by other people lol. So many people wanted to use the locker so we decided to just run with the beg but we covered it with the bag that they gave us.


Before entering the first point!

There were 5 points along the course and at every point they threw different kind of color powder: Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink(?). Oh i forgot to tell you guys that you have to run or walk for 5km but it was okay because they gave us free drinks, foods and even skin care(which i don’t use lol).


The Crowd


IMG_6659 But first let me take a selfie


It was super duper fun and i will never forget about it! Plus this is actually one of the things on my “Things that i want to do in Korea” bucket list!!

We at the finish line!

We at the finish line!





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