3 Things That Changed After I Came to Korea (Part 1)


People said that they are not changing over time but that is a lie!! People changed even though they do not realize about it. I have been in Korea for more than 3 years and Korea changed me a lot. These are things that changed throughout these years:

  1. Fashion

I think everyone around me notice the changed in the way I dress up. Before I came to Korea, I didn’t really care about what I wore whether I was going to the shopping mall or even to a grand dinner. I just asked my mother to pick anything as long as I can wear something. Since my mother don’t know my size, she always buy cloths that didn’t really fit me but I still wore it at that time. Also at that time I liked baggy pants and big t-shirts. I didn’t change my style on the month that I arrived at Korea but it changed slowly and slowly. I started to buy sneaker and my first sneaker was the one that Big Bang promoted at that time.


When I wore it, one of my friends said “It would look good if you wear skinny jeans with that sneakers” so I started to wear skinny jeans since then. To tell you the truth, i hated skinny jeans when i was in Malaysia lol. Not only that, I started to wear t-shirts and shirts that are my size. I also bought my first denim jacket this year because it looks cool lol.


  1. Hair Style

Well, when I was in high school I could not do nothing to our hair because students were not allow to grow our hair long unlike Korea but I started to change my hair style when I came here. My old hair style made me look older than my age that every time I show my ID card to my friends, they said that I look younger now LOLOLOLOL. The latest hairstyle that I asked the ajumma to cut for me is “Two Block” style. Just like the name of the style, they cut both side of your hair and leave the upper part of your hair.


Example of Two Block Style

  1. The way I greet people

As you can see in the Korean Drama, younger people bow to older people when they greet them and our Korean teachers taught us that it is very important to do that to show that we are respecting them. It has already become my habit to bow people when I meet people that is way older than me and without me notice about it, I also bow to older people when I went back to Malaysia.

Greetings download

3 Example of bow: Simple Bow, Normal Bow and Formal Bow

In Malaysia, it is okay for us to call people who is older than us by their name but in Korea, we cannot call them by their name even though they are only 1 year older than us. In Malaysia we have the same thing but in my family we don’t really use word like kakak (to address older sister) and abang (to address older brother). In Korea, if you are a boy, you should address a guy who is older than you 형(Hyung) and a girl who is older than you 누나(Noona) but if you are a girl, you should address a guy who is older than you 오빠 (Oppa) and a girl who is older than you 언니(Oenni). One good thing about this is that i can call everybody Hyung and Nuna without calling their name but sometimes i tend to forget their name LOL


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