Oreo + Shaved Ice= Oreo Bingsu!!!

Summer! During this hot summer, what type of food people usually want to eat?

In my opinion, a lot of people want to something that can make them feel fresh and cool. Usually people will eat ice-cream. Besides ice-cream, there is another type of food that is kinda similar with ice-cream that you can eat to make you feel cool and that is shaved ice!! But what will happen when you mix Oreo with shaved ice? Well it becomes 오레오빙수(Oreo Bingsu)!! Bingsu means shaved ice in korean.
There is a famous place in 신촌(Sincheon) that sold Oreo Bingsu and it tastes soooooooooo delicious!! And the price is really “delicious” too.
It costs you 16000won or RM50 or 15dollar and it is for 2 people. Even thought it says that it is only for 2 people, me and my friend could not even finished it because the amount is a lot for 2 people. As you can see in the picture, they covered the shaved ice with oreo powder and there is vanilla( actually i don’t remember what kind of ice cream it was) ice cream inside the shaved ice.

If you go to the place with 2 more friends, you have to order another food because just like what i said the oreo bingsu is only for 2 people. So we order…….
NUTELLA PANCAKE!!!!! “put sound of the angels here”

At first i didn’t even know that it was nutella. I thought it was some kind of chocolate syrup haha but my friends told me that it was nutella!! And this costs me around 6000won/RM18/6 dollar.

If you guys wanna go to eat Oreo Bingsu or the Nutella Pancake, here is the map:

The name of the place is 신촌 팝컨테이너(Pop Container) and it is near Sincheon Outback and it is easy to find this place because they put a very big sign that shows oreo bingsu lol and i forgot to say that this place is very famous for their oreo bingsu so u need to line up to get inside.

So do you guys have other things to eat besides shaved ice during summer?


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