Red Velvet’s Eng Subs Video and Article Translation

웬디(WENDY) Profile

Name: Wendy~! (My real name is Son Seungwan!)
Nick+Name(별명): This is also a quiz for me!! Please read it until the end~!!
Wendy=BLUE? I’m working as hard as I can to  express my brightness like blue colour! My smile, don’t it look fresh(?)?! Wendy and Blue, are they match together?! hehe
I belive in it(Motto): The power of positiveness  (Just like what our song said??) We should always think positve!! We should work hard on whatever we do!
Things that is getting better and better (My own charm): Smiling whenever and wherever ! SMILE!
(Have a lot of talents but) have a lot of desire to learn lots of things : I also want to compose and write song just like our seniors : )
조이(JOY) Profile
Name: Joy♡ (My real name is Park Sooyoung~)
Nick+Name(별명): You will know about it if you read it untul the end : )
Joy=GREEN? Green is a colour that makes a person’s heart is warm and comfortable. Because of it em… Don’t you guys thinks that  it(green) matches me?Haha
I believe it in(Motto): Let’s be thankful to everything that we do
It is getting better and better(My own charm): It was supposed to be my eyes but… I think my lips is the “Lips Model” of our debut music video “Happiness”!! So i think my lips are my charm : )
The good/ bad things becoming a maknae?: The good thing about it is that I get a lot of attentions from my Red Velvet’s eonnies and from the people around me!(Thank you!) The bad thing about it em…. no bad thing about it! i’m happy because i’m maknae ~~
슬기 (SEUL GI) Profile
Name: Seulgi (Real Name Kang Seulgi^^)
Nick+Name(별명): It is also a quis for me?!^^ If you read it until the end, I will give you the answer!!
Seulgi=ORANGE? A colour that is fresh like vitamin! It is actually my favorite colour ~~
I believe in it(Motto): Let’s become a person who gives something! Someone who knows how to give something is a very cool person
It is getting better and better(My own charm): My charm is em..… Asian style eyes? They said that my image is always different every time i do my make up.
Positive’s Power!(Power that u gained during your long trainee years): Family! They were the one who always believed in me and cheer for me and because of it i think i can cheered up during my trainee years. I love you~♡

아이린 (IRENE) Profile

Name: Irene (Real name is  Bae Joohyun^^)
Nick+Name(별명): Quiz?! If you read it until the end, i will give you guys the answer!!
Irene=PINK? PINKEU! IT’S BEAUTIFUL/GORGEOUS. I’m Irene that wanted to give you guys the beautiful and good energy.
i Believe in it(Motto): Focus on the things that can make my mood Up ♩ Just like what our song said^^
It is getting better and better(My own charm): Actually i don’t know about it but, a lot of people told me that i have “The Opposite Charm”…Hehe
What kind of leader do you want to be: Just like the meaning of my name, i will always listen to what the members say and i want to be a leader that always do a conversation with the members!
Happiness!(The Happiest day of you live recently )
(ALL) 2014.8.1 The day we debuted was the happiest day of our life!^_^*
I want!(Plan, what kind of singer do you want to be)
(Irene) Singer that can give good energy!
(Seulgi) I want to become someone’s dream.I dreamed to become a singer after i saw my seniors~
(Wendy) I hope that when a lot of people who are in difficulty or happy or sad or anytime can cheer up when they listen to my song!
(Joy) I want to be a singer that can calm someone’s heart closely~

SInce i’m bored and i can’t sleep after drinking a lot of coffee i’m gonna translate what knetizens comment at the STARCAST post.

1. [8945+,172-] SM really helped them a lot

2. [8955+,217-] Entertainment’s Seoul National University SM (means it is really hard to enter SM[ but the you gain a lot later)

3. [7190+,360-] Girls, lets do it purely/innocently. Don’t take off your cloths (i guess knetizens are sick of sexy concept ha?)

4. [6522+,630-] The song is confusing. In the song out of nowhere a girl suddenly sing her high notes which makes the song inharmonious. You guys worked really hard on at 4 minutes performance so work happily girls!

5. [4926+,270-] The signatures look hard (LOL)

6.[3196+,132-] As expected, there’s no one in SM gonna take off their cloths! they are not going to stay long in the industry if they take off their cloths


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