EXO’s Finally got their Fanclub name called EXO-L


Popular group, EXO just announced their new website for their global fanclub called “EXO-L” and the server is now crashing. They opened the website (https://exo-l.smtown.com/) and the mobile application of the website starting from today, 5th of August and both korean and international fans can register for it.

EXO-L is the shortform of EXO-Love and L is the alphabet between K and M which also means EXO loves all their fans in-between and just like the meaning of EXO’s Motto “WE ARE ONE” this fanclub name also means that “EXO and the Fan are ONE”.

EXO-L is the first fanclub that is using mobile application to communicate with the others fans and fans can use this application to check all the events, contents about exo, their schedule and so many more. Starting from tomorrow, 6th of August SM will do a special event for the fans which allow one lucky fan every day for one month to have a chat with the EXO’s members and there will be a quiz event for the fans too. To those who can answer the quiz correctly, they will also win a prize which gain a lot of attention from the fans.

To those who wants to register for the fanclub, you can go to the website directly which is https://exo-l.smtown.com/ or just download the mobile application and you can register from there.

Netizens commented “I cannot get into the website”,”I think there will be a lot of fans that will register for it”,”I think i really need to register as fast as possible”, “The server might crash again later” and a lot of others reactions.

Source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201408060100047220002693&servicedate=20140805

Translated by: kenzy of randomkorealife.wordpress.com 



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