Red Velvet’s Joy was a SHINee Sasaeng fan?

I heard a rumour that people said that Red Velvet’s Joy was a SHINee sasaeng fan.

She is my friend. She attended Yeomgwang High School.

She was not a kind of person who followed other celebrity especially with the SHINee sasaeng fan thing which is very ridiculous.

She was a kid who always sings when a group do their comebacks and that’s all.

She really liked to sing and since she really know how to dance and sing, she always do a performance during the school festival or even during school trip.

She got accepted to SM when she was at year 1 of High School and she changed to other school. She also attended her new very diligently.

She telephoned me and told me that not a very long time after she entered SM, she was picked to enter a group and she had to live in a dorm. As a result my friend debuted as Red Velvet.

Sooyoung, she is a honest and kind kid. She told me that all the onnies love her and she can feel the responsibility because she trained only for a short amount of time. Please don’t think of something preconceptions. Don’t believe on that rumour especially the rumour about her became a shinee sasaeng fan!


Translated by: kenzy of



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