“The Asia’s Star” Kim Soohyeon will do performance during the Opening of Incheon Asian Games

Actor, Kim Soohyeon is one of the finalist that will do a performance for the opening ceremony of Incheon Asian Games.

He will perform this upcoming 19th of September with the other artists.

After he debuted, we has been involve in a lot of entertainment activities like drama, movie and even being a singer and because of this, the fans are looking forward to what he will perform during the opening ceremony.

Some artists that will also perform for the opening ceremony are EXO, PSY, JYJ and CNBlue.

Netizen Reactions:

1. [1685+,547-] Oh Hyoo…

2. [1450+,565-] People from China love this article

3. [1398+,575-] The man of Jangbaek Mountain (The mountain is in China)

4. [1321+,585-] This guy’s hometown must be ay Jangbaek Mountain

5. [366+,170-] I don’t hate Kim Soohyun and I don’t like JYJ but i heard JYJ helped a lot to promote Incheon Asian Game so should JYJ be the one who has the main stage/performance?

Translated by kenzy of randomkorealife.wordpress.com



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