KBS banned 14 songs including Hyuna’s,JYJ’s and Yeeun’s

Some of the popular singers’ song from JYJ, Hyuna and Yeeun have been banned from broadcasting at KBS.

Starting from 6th of August, 14 songs including JYJ’s Just Us, JYJ’s Back Seat, Hyuna’s A Talk, Hyuna’s Blacklist, Hyuna’s French Kiss, Yeeun’s Me?, Yeeun’s Bond have been banned from KBS.

JYJ’s Back Seat is banned because of the lyrics “Put you on back seat” which will make people think of sex scenes and Hyuna’s French Kiss is also banned for it’s sexual lyrics “Do it”. Hyuna’s Blacklist and Yeeun’s Bond got banned because the lyrics included some curse words. Other songs are banned because the songs included brand of some product in their lyrics.

Knetizens reactions:
1.[3184+173-] They are taking it too seriousㅋㅋDid you guys poop on your ow288n head? Why did you guys analyze back seat like that?

2.[2875+,118-] How can you think of sex scenes just by looking at the back seat? Let us give a big hand to these guy’s mental

3.[2552+,115-] Hey KBS! Just be honest.. You just don’t want to invite JYJ to KBS right!!!

4.[2415+,109-] JYJ? This is nonsense!!

5.[1842+,67-] Red things are Hyuna, and Hyuna?

6.[319+,17-] Now i can’t seat at the back seat of taxi and bus ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I didn’t know about the meaning (sarcastically)

7.[315+,21-] What is the connection between Back Seat and Sex scenes? That guys’ head must be filled with a lot of pornography

translated by: https://randomkorealife.wordpress.com



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