Knetizens Reacts to “Jessica cried because of Krystal’s special suprise event”

1. [1078+,37-] It must be hard for Krystal because she had to do the filming while doing their album promotion but Jessica really acted like a mother to Krystal..

2. [965+,54-] ㅠㅠㅠ They really have a good relationship between them… Jeong Sisters! Cheer up!!.

3.[852+,45-] Thanks to “Jessica & Krystal” show, now i know Jessica looks very mature and someone who thinks deeply and Krystal is a very nice person… Ah.. I’m not that satisfied that the show now ended ㅠ

4.[739+,48-] It was really touching… I felt really sad when Krystal was crying said that no one listen to her to her words… Krystal Cheer up!

5. [156+,13-] Both of them looks like they hate girls but all the girls love them

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