T.O.P “Big Bang members don’t lend and give money to each other”

During the showcase of Tazza 2, all the actors and actress (T.O.P, Shin Sekyung, Gwak Dowon etc) were asked lots of questions.

One of the questions was “Someone who has more than 2 friends that could lend/borrow you money” and all of the actors and actress said “None”.

So actor Gwak Dowon asked T.O.P “How about your Big Bang member..” and T.O.P joked “We warn each other not to lend or give any money among our own members” which made the people laughed during the showcase.

Netizen Reactions:

1. [1381+,31-] Because they have a lot of money….

2.[1272+24-] There is not reason for them to borrow money… Because all of them gain lots of money…

3. [848+,89-] T.O.P looks so hot…

4.[550+,33-] Hwaiting!! Show us more of your good acts

5.[467+,16-] Good job. People should not lend or borrow money among siblings too.

6. [95+,2-] They gained a lot of money so why should they borrow some?

7. [94+,2-] That’s true. All of the big bang members make so much money

Translated by: randomkorealife.wordpress.com



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