Knetizens react to “f(4) perfomed for SMTOWN”

1. [11151+,838-] Sulli is still causing trouble ha? Victoria Amber Luna Krystal Hwaiting~~~~

2. [10213+,549] Do it as long as you can. I still don’t know why the other members got affected by her

3. [7498+,784-] Is there really a trouble inside the team..

4. [6905+,555-] Choiza this rascal!!

5.[4876+,202-] Heol??!!!!!!!!!?!!!?!!

6.[1966+,79-] I think Sulli need to get out from the group.. We can see she doesn’t like to perform.. There’s no need to ask her to do a performance.. They still can perform well without Sulli. Just kick out Sulli and let the other 4 become f(x)

7.[1814+,62-] She came out on other’s instagram but she could not perform for the concert… Sulli doesn’t have a good image infront of f(x)’s fans now

8.[1575+,57-] If you don’t want to become a celebrity, retire quickly and try something else.. You are still young

9.[1484+,47-] She not sick in the first place

10. [1455+,77-] This is unfair to the other members. The situation is almost the same as ‘Sulli was couple with someone but got caught red handed and disappeared so the members who supposed to do their group project with Sulli cannot remove Sulli’s name from the group project and have to do Sulli’s part too. Even during the presentation day, Sulli didn’t come to the class but she still get the grade”

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