WINNER Kang Seungyoon “A tearful performance, thanks to all the fans”

WINNER did their first stage before their debut stage for YG Family concert today.

WINNER’s leader Kang Seungyoon did the greeting while saying ‘I this the atmosphere is good?’ and he continued “I want to say thank you to all the fans that were coming to see us performance as a group called WINNER”.

Lee Seunghoon also said “It took so much time to do a performance on the stage. Finally we debuted. Even though we are not the maknae of YG Family but because we are the last one to debut in YG, we will show a very cute and cool performance. We will work harder as WINNER in the future”.

Knetizens’ comments

1. [322+,22-] As expected Our WINNER♡ Cheer up♡ Let us move forward without any gossip ok?

2. [251+,18-] Even the songs inside the album are good. There are so awesome ♡♡♡ WINNER you guys are shacking the world

3. [236+,13-] I will only wait for INKIGAYO

4. [196+,12-] WINNER is really awesome. You guys can’t fail because your songs are great. All of you WINNER CONGRATULATION for your debut

5. [180+,8-] Hope you guys do your promotion well. Hwaiting!

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