Knetizens react to “THE TAETISEO preview”

1. [48+,16-] Pretty they really look pretty..

2. [41+,11-] Look forward to watch this show ☞^.^☜

3. [39+,10-] This show must be really fun. Taetiseo please do you comeback fast

4. [47+,25-] Taetiseo is one of the top 5 best idol. Their songs are catchy and a lot of singers did a cover to their songs

5. [34+,17-] Wa…. They are so pretty…. The best face among idols

6. [15+,6-] I wanna be with you guys forever. Guys lets go as long as possible

7. [13+,5-] It will be broadcated on 25th of August

8. [13+,5-] Look forward to this show! Love it! Lets go!

9. [7+,3-] Taetiseo monday night 11Pm!! Can’t wait for next week!!

10. [5+,2-] I’m waiting for Taetiseo’s comeback and their reality show

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