Knetizens react to “KARA comeback stage at M Countdown”

1. [424+,52-] Ah. Naver why did you change. So uncomfortable

2. [320+,77-] Goo Hara is fu**king pretty really!

3. [251+,55-] This time after they lose some weight, Park Gyuri Han Seunghyeon and Goo Hara look very pretty

4. [167+,23-] Both Goo Hara and Gyul nuna are pretty hehe This album hwaiting!

5. [174+,61-] KARA i really love you  ♡♡♡♡

6. [115+,59-] The song is good. Cheer up. And also hwaiting for the new member

7. [57+,8-] Really Kara should not take off of their visual

8. [62+,13-] They already debuted for like 8 years right ㅋㅋ They never left the KARA’s trend and still they have their own colour. I like both the song and the dance for this promotion and i really hope people know more about this

9. [60+,12-] The song is good…

10. [51+,7-] They are pretty and the song is also good!! I hope the album gonna be Daebak!

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