Knetizens react to “Winner won their first trophy for M Countdown”

1. [2307+,336-] Awesome… Aren’t they the new rookie that broke the record?

2.[1849+,252-] They won just 5 days after they debut. This is crazy

3. [1523+,156-] Zico hugged all of them after being announced no 1, that is so cute

4. [1537+,240-] JJANG TTTTTTTT

5. [1419+,215-] Winner congrats to you and i’m listening to “I will confess” really well these days

6. [1276+,115-] Block B and Song Minho TTT It tugged at my heart when they congratulated and even hugged them TTTT Block B and WInner Both of the group cheer up!!

7. [1231+,171-] Congrats WINNER

8. [1121+,135-] The first idol group that won the fastest after they debuted

9.[975+,82-] The look of Minho and P.O when they looked and smiled at each other…. Both are close friends and they worked ever hard and even get nominated for no 1 together!!! So awesome

10. [932+,113-] When i looked at the Gaon Chart, all of their songs are awesome. Their song went to no 1 just after they debuted which is really amazing..  All the songs are really good ♡ Congrats WINNER!! I can’t stop looking at you guys TT I hope you guys remember this as a motivation to work harder.. Get higher and be the best!!!

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3 thoughts on “Knetizens react to “Winner won their first trophy for M Countdown”

  1. Congrats, Winner!!
    BlockBxWinner – Oh the feels~~! Was ecstatic to see them claim their first award :’D And that Empty perf was AWESOME! Glad to see they included choreo this time ’round ^_^

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