Knetizens react to “Team WIN B will have their new survival show”

1. [1492+,33-] They already have been through a survival show why should they do it again…

2. [1224+,37] Poor them. Really. You tou made treat them like this Yang President

3. [1163+,198-] A few months ago YG said “Team that lose will not debuted compare to the winning team”

4. [845+,49-] … Again? It looks like the situation is getting worst…

5. [716+,68-]It is quite true as I have heard that… Yang Trash

6. [186+, 8-] A cruel fairy tale to make them debut 

7. [187+,10-] In my opinion Yang HyunSik will debut this team no matter what kind of method he will use

8. [180+,8-] More survival.. They might be tired of it If you want them to debut just make them train and release them 

9. [177+,14-] He wants to debut them because there is Shi Jangseon but since their is no cause to debut them so the only way to debut them is by winning another survival show

10. [162+,4-] Babi and B.I must be fu**king sad. This might be their 3rd survival show.. I really hope both of you debut. I support you guys

translated by randomkorealife (Don’t forget to credit)



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