Knetizens react to “Suho waited for 6 years for EXO”

1. [2189+,82-] I’m not EXO’s fan but i can see that Suho is working hard  which is nice to see. He is also well-behaved and he always thing about other members too.. I hope he will be success in the future

2. [1744+,60-] I think he has a very good set of mind after he said that he has pride about the fans rather than the pride about the 7 years of training

3. [1273+,52-] As expected Leader ♥♥ Lets work hard in the future ♥♥

4. [1077+,59-] Our Hoi is an angel ㅠㅠㅠ

5. [1189+,42-] He is standing at his potion because he worked hard for it. Cheer up!

6. [171+,2-] It is amazing how passionate he is… It is easy just to say that he endure all the hardship of training for 7 years for his future.. I don’t think i can’t do it if I were him

7. [164+,1] Recently god always praise EXO which makes EXO who are younger than me look incredible and i’m proud of themㅋㅋㅋ Thanks to god Oppas i became familiar with a couple of idols that i didn’t really know

8. [163+,3-] Let us approve this even if u hate them.. The future was not secured for him but for his dream, he trained for 6 years which is really incredible

9. [163+,6-] Suho is so handsome… Only good looking people are in EXO

10. [148+,7-] Joonmyeon-a~ That is why you are a very reliable leader. You don’t give others burden and i feel comfortable and good because you are the leader,, Joonmyeon-a~ thanks

translated by randomkorealife



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