Red Velvet & Taemin Keoltu Show Eng Subs

This is part one of the radio show and i will post more here!

Part 1
Don’t reupload and if you want to sub it to another language, tell me first! I unlisted it because there is a youtube acc called “Red Velvet” always reupload my subbed video and claimed that it was his/hers.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Gonna finish 10% of the video tomorrow coz i want to sleep lol


6 thoughts on “Red Velvet & Taemin Keoltu Show Eng Subs

  1. omg how hard I need A HARDSUB to download…. not because to re-upload, but streaming more than 1 or 2 minutes is impossible in my area. please anyone…

  2. thanks for your hardworking. You Rock for subbing alot of RV video like this, great work and I am sure you’re in happiness right now just like you said, subbed makes you feel happy, haha. I wanna review this, i dont reupload/retranslate in anothe language. I just will write what the point of the show, like fact about them if they revealed something/their personality, activity ect. Once again THANK YOU SO MUch. I will review it will embed full credit of you. Keep Share HAPPINESS 😀

  3. Hello again.

    Thanks again(!) for subbing this. It’s horrible that some other youtube account that keeps re-uploading your hard work 😦

    Looking forward to your updates!

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