Red Velvet Kiss The Radio (Sukira) Eng Subs

Here is the eng subs guys!!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Gonna post more soon here


14 thoughts on “Red Velvet Kiss The Radio (Sukira) Eng Subs

  1. Thank you so much. I bookmarked this page ever since I saw that you had subbed RV’s first Radio Appearance! Please keep updating, I look forward to your uploads ^^

    How excited are you for KBS to upload Hello Counselor’s RV episode? But we have to wait for about two weeks T.T

    I’ll leave another (similar) comment on the Cultwo Show thread too ^_^

    • Sorry but all the video are removed by youtube because some stupid youtube acc flagged my videos because he/she said that i stole his/her videos… And i use youtube to create subtitles so all my subtitles are gone and that youtube acc made me really lazy to sub now lol

      • just for part 4 please ? please, please, i got the other parts in my pc, and im sorry u have to face that kind of people as subbers, be strong, fighting !!

  2. So all the subs are gone? ;-; Is there anyway you could contact youtube and get them to put your videos back up? Or at least be accessible to you so you could reupload them on dailymotion or something? That youtuber doesn’t have a valid copyright of those videos.. :((

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