[RKL] Knetizens react to “Sistar won no 1 at MCD but with sadness”

1. [8138+,122] They mentioned about it yesterday too but since both of them are girl group and dances i think it is a right think to keep mentioning about it. Congrats for winning.

2. [6099+,54-] I hope you wake up Rise. Sistar! Congrats for winning no 1!

3. [5019+,172-] They are well disposed… So wonderfull!!

4. [4513+,85-] They are so kindhearted. I hope Rise is getting ok

5. [4073+,31-] Ladies Code Be Strong!!

6. [331+,11-] Yesterday when they won, Bora was mourning while crying so i hope Ladies Code can receive her blessing

7. [308+,2-] Ehhyo… Ladies Code also should receive an award like Sistar~ Wake up Rise!!

8. [295+,4-] All the Entertainment CEO…. Please take care of your idols transportation. They are the one who work for you so please take care of them don’t just get satisfied with everything…. What Ladies Code did to received this kind of thing… I hope all the other members are fine

9. [252+,12-] In fact Rise has a high probability to become a human vegetable… I hope miracle happens and she will wake up and be healthy

10. [248+,29-] Sistar is a group that is a kindhearted group everytime you see them…. Looking at these makes me feel warm and sad at the same time

translated by randomkorealife.wordpress.com



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