Red Velvet’s mydaily Interview “Our members are…”

#Wendy described by Irene, Joy and Seulgi

We really like her fresh smile. The first time when she entered SM as a trainee, she sang very well that shocked us so much. At that time, there wasn’t a voice like her. She also know how to sing Pop song very well. That’s why when we find a song that we like, we always ask Wendy to sing it for us. She was also a smart student when she was in Canada.

# Irene described by Wendy, Joy and Seulgi

She is so pretty. At first we could not even go near her because she was too pretty. She has that kind of smile where she lift the corner of her mouth which is so beautiful. Moreover she is a talented leader. She usually likes to joke aroung and really friendly with other people but if we do something wrong, she will teach us a lesson and point out why it is wrong to do it. At that time, we can really feel that she is our Onnie. And if you confess or tell her about your problem, she will warmly hug you. She looks like a girl but she has a lot of  charm.

# Joy described by Wendy, Irene and Seulgi

She sounds beautiful. When we look at her, it feels like we are looking at a Disney Animation. We were really shocked when she sang during the SM’s evaluation session. She sounds so happy but there is something else inside it. Because of it she can sing trot too. She can do it anywhere she want. Because she has a lot of charm. She is Red Velvet’s maknae but she is the oldest in her family. Maybe that is why she has a mature side and she also likes to listen to her unnies’ problems. Of course, she also has a lot of aegyo. 

# Seulgi describe by Wendy, Irene and Joy

She has the eastern beauty and western beauty. Even though she doesn’t have double eye lids, she looks beautiful because her eyes are big. She sing and dance very well maybe because she trained for so long. She has a very beautiful voice but also a powerful one that makes her able to sing almost every songs. Since she has a very solid basic, she can make you easily like her. She is not an emotional person so she is not a person who gives up very easily and she is a type that works really hard so she doesn’t lack of any talent.



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