[RKL] Knetizens react to “Sojeong still didn’t know about Eunbi death”

1. [14329+,93-] I hope that Sojeong can recover quickly. I cry thinking of what will happen to Sojeong when she knows about Eunb

2. [12687+,76-] It must be really hard when she knows about it.. I really hope that she can be strong

3. [11436+,51-] Ass expected she didn’t know about it… So sad.. Sojeong and RIse hope you guys get well

4. [10503+,236-] I guess they didn’t tell her because she might got shocked listening to it before the surgery… WHat should we do…

5. [8015+,236-]She can know about it later.. Her health is the most important thing

6. [894+,6-] It is a right thing to do because it might shock her that she will not get conscious after the surgery

7. [855+,4-] I don’t think she can handle the sadness when she hear about it. She needs someone who can hold her hands at that time and can also cheer her up. The accident and a member died on her birthday so she might cry on her next birthday because of it… Really i don’t know what to say

8. [790+,6-] She might be really upset when she knows about it… Luckily there wasn’t anything serious happened to her and her surgery went well too…. I’m waiting for Rise… I hope she could wake up

9. [671+,6-] She is too young for this kind of thing… I hope she doesn’t have any trauma about it

10. [603+,6-] This is so sad to read….

translated by randomkorealife.wordpress.com



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