[RKL] What celebrities will do during this Chuseok Festival?

Super Junior

They just released their 7th album and they will prepare for their world tour. They will have their first stop at Seoul this coming 19th to 22nd of September. So they have to practice for their concert during this chuseok

YG artists

T.O.P will have to do promotions for his new movie during this holiday

Winner will have to do some performance during this Chuseok holiday

All the other YG artists will have their own individual  schedule so they are going to work this chuseok


She will celebrate Chuseok in the US this year because she is the representative of Asian Star for the New York’s Fashion Week. She will come back to Korea after the holiday ends

FT Island

Lee Hongki will spend the holiday with filming his new SBS drama.

Jeonwon will practice for a festival in Japan this holiday

CNblue’s Yonghwa will have to do a filming for his new drama during the holiday

AOA will be in Japan for Japan Tokyo Runway this Sunday


They will have to practice since they just had their comeback

Both Seonhwa and Hyoseong will have to do their filming during the holiday

ZEA’s Dongjun, Hyungsik and Siwan will be busy with their programs and drama


Usuallu SM is the one who will force their artists to work during the holiday but this year SM let their artist to rest for one day during the 4 days holidays.¬† SM representative said that “All the SM artists will celebrate Chuseok with their families”

JYJ is quite busy with their Asia Tour and they will have their fan meeting this coming 6th of September but they will comeback to Korea on thr 8th and will spend the time with their family

Sistar will have to film a chuseok program this 7th of September but the company already made a promise to them that they can go back home and spend their time with their family this 8th and 9th september.

2PM will have their comeback soon but since they already finished with their preparation, they will spend their time with their family this chuseok. All the other JYP artists will do the same thing.

Besides Hyuna, all the other Cube artists will enjoy their holiday. B2B is now preparing for a comeback but they will spend their chuseok with their family for one day

Knetizens’ reactions

1. [1537+,24-] Since it is Chuseok, don’t make them work that hard and please let them take a rest

2. [1502+,32-] Kwon Rise who became a singer and did a promotion all around Korea… She was supposed to go for a vacation to Hong Kong with her parents… So unfortunate… Hope miracle happens and you gain your conscious… I really hope that you can enjoy your vacation in Hong Kong with your parents next year

3. [1432+,24-] Kim Hyungjoon and Dahee I hope you guys be friends in the jail~^^

4. [926+,28-] They must be really tired because they have to work during the holiday

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3 thoughts on “[RKL] What celebrities will do during this Chuseok Festival?

  1. Hi
    I’m new here (Well this account is truthfully ive been stalking this website for a couple of months lol) and i was hoping if you could translate some post about B.A.P and SECRET specaily Hana. I dont mind if there old thank you. Also are you a Winner and SM stan? You seem to post a lot about them
    p.s my fav member of RV is Joy and Winner its jinwan,Seunghoon and Mino XD

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