Red Velvet’s Xsports News Interview : “5 Minutes talk really helps”

Red Velvet the new group from SM debuted at the beginning of August with their ‘Happy Virus’ song, Happiness and they were very busy going from one music show to another music show to expose their group. After one month, they finally have the time to take a rest. 

Joy said ” I’m currently doing all the things that i could not do at that like like watching movie and do some shopping” and Seulgi said “These day we finally can breathe for a while”. They are preparing for their new promotion because they are a rookie who still has so many things to show to their fans.

Red Velvet is the first girl group in 5 years from SM after f(x). They are gaining a lot of attentions since their first stage. Wendy said “We are gaining a lot of fans every time we go to the music program. It feels like we are getting a lot of love from the fans”. But there are some members that are kind of worry about this. Joy said that “I’m kinda worry about how they see and react to us. But they cheer for us since our first stage so all my worries are gone”.

Fans first met Red Velvet from the teaser pictures and video teaser. They gained a lot of attention because of the way they died their hair only at the end part of their hair. They also heard about things like “People need to see our hair colour to identify the members”. Seulgi said “Before we debuted, there were so things that i heard like “Are they siblings?” but i do like that kind of reactions”. She also said that maybe because when they go out and hide their hair, not many people can recognize them.

Last 15th of August, Red Velvet and the rest of their SM seonbae were performaing at the 2014 SMTOWN concert. Red Velvet performed their “Happiness” song and they even introduced SMrookies to the fans. Joy said “I really wanted to perform at the SMTOWN concert since I was a trainee. It looks like a “hot” place to join because only SM family can perform at that concert”. Red Velvet said that SMrookies are their family and they cheer for them.

They looked like they came out suddenly from nowhere but they already stayed in a dorm together for 1 year. They are together for 24 hours a day which makes them really know about each other. Irene said “Wendy likes to consider about other people more than her so I really worry about her”. She also said that Wendy is the atmosphere maker and also the one who becomes the ‘mother’ of the group but because she have been living far away from her parents, she has more affection about family compare to other members.

Wendy said that Seulgi is a type of person that doesn’t really show her expression even when she is really tired or in a slump because she has a strong mind and she is also a trustworthy “honor student”. Wendy also said that “Seulgi is a person who will complete all the works that are given to her very well”. Joy is the oldest in her family but she is the team’s maknae. She gets a lot of love because of her cute image but she cares of ther unnies really well. Irene said that “Joy has a reverse charm”. Wendy said that “Irene is the oldest but she likes to joke around. She also always give a lot of warm advices too”.

Irene is the leader. The looks like she is a very silent person but she takes care of her members without showing it. She used the “5 minutes talk” method. Irene said “I want to talk a lot with the members. We are living together so we have the ‘5 Minutes talk’ once a week.” They started from 5 minutes talk to 2 hours talk. They talk about themselves and they want to solve some misunderstanding between the members. All the members said thank you to Irene.

They have been living together for 1 year and since then they also like the same kind of music even thought they liked different kind of music at the beginning. Joy said “Last time all of us had every kind of music that we liked but these days, we kinda like the same type of music. I hope that we will like the genre of the song that we are going to promote in the future.”

translated by randomkorealife



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