[STARCASE] There is no visual like this in this world~Suzy?


This is what we called as rare item.

If Miss A’s Suzy face were an item, it would be a rare item

“Do you want to dance?”

“When we look at Suzy closer”

“Where is the scar?”

Last 18th of August, we met Suzy at one of the studio in Jooseongdong, Seoul.

Suzy’s footsteps look lighter than ever. You can see that she smile while lifting the corner of her mouth? 

We just knew that at that day Suzy would have her first fashion cover photoshot. She will be on the cover of September Edition of “Grazia” She is now a fashion icon not the nation’s first love anymore.

We followed Suzy to her photoshot site.

“Today Suzy is the Cover Girl”

“She looks nervouse but…”

“She is confident”

Suzy’s first photoshot concept is ‘The goddess of Autumn/Fall”

Is this the cutie Suzy? She looks different than before. Can we call her woman? She gives out the atmosphere of goddess with the pink long dress. Her long hair match the atmosphere.

“A lovely feeling?”

“This much?”

Finally, her photoshot started. Suzy stands beside an antique chair. She post and give our emotion naturally. If there was a “goddess of atmosphere”, she would be the one.

“She starts with a chic look”

“With the help of the wind”

“This is why she is the goddess of atmosphere”

She finished her first photoshot. She was looking at the outfits that she were going to wear for the next photoshot. This time she chose long dress, A very powerful pattern dress that gave out the chic feel.

“An attention looter”

“She looks elegant right?”

As the time goes by her got less nervous. Her pose and expression became more and more variety. She even pull up her skirt. And she even looked at the camera with a very intense look.

“Are you ready?”

“The fall goddess”

“Close up?”

“Don’t be so close to the monitor”

You cannot leave out lovely style since it is Suzy. She wore a grey jacket and a skirt with a tone blouse that really matched with each other. Suzy gave out the cute charm very well.

You can called Suzy as the “Pose Vending Machine” because she can give you different kind of pose in-front of the camera.

“Coy expression”

“Arrogant pose”

“Even chic is ok”


“Reversal pose is also OK!”

Suzy successfully ended her photoshot! She could show any pose and expression. Maybe that’s why people call SUZY SUZY everytime.

Knetizens Reaction

1. [4623+,521-] Wa… She’s so pretty! DIspace said that her dating rumour was not true? I was so shocked by it yesterday..

2. [3773+,389-] She looks more prettier without underline

3. [3569+,321-] Where is scar? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ That is funny

4. [2933+,539-] She is now a lady and even an atmosphere maker ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Pretty

5. [1911+,242-] Do you feel tried doing all the things without resting?

6. [1216+,213] Maybe because she is young? Her skins are so good… I’m jealous

7. [1295+,343-] She is pretty whatever people want to say

translated by randomkorealife



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