Red Velvet’s Daily Sports Interview “The fans identify us by our hair colour”

Q: Red Velvet got nominated for number 1 place just after debuted for 2 weeks

Wendy: To tell you the truth, i didn’t know that we could get nominated for number 1 because it is a digital single. Meeting with all the fans and even perform on the stage feel really new and very fun.

Q: Do you feel your popularity?

Seulgi: Looking at the fans that are cheering for us and holding playcard make me feel like “We are getting a lot of loves from the fans”.

Joy: Our concept is quite cute and bubbly and it is a concept that makes people wanna bounce. It is a song that gives out a good message so all the boys and girls love our song.

Irene: We have a lot of fangirls because all of our members have that friendly school girl image

Q: I think you are burden by the title “The first girl group to come out from SM in 5 tears”

Wendy: I cannot say that we don’t have any burden because all our seniors are very popular around the world. We also want to join them so we think that we need to work harder. (laughing)

Q: Is there any senior that give you support?

Seulgi: We are very thankful because all seniors gave us support. They said that we have to have fun on the stage and greet other people well and don’t forget where are you starting from.

Q: The way Red Velvet having fun on the stage leave a very deep impression to people

Joy: I was thinking that since the name of the song is “Happiness” and we need to send out the happy message through the song. The song is getting good when you listen it until the end. (smiling)

Wendy: All the members have a bright personality. I think that is why we can send the message of the song very well.

Irene: Because of the song, a lot of good and happy things happened. I really like doing rehearsal too.

Seulgi: I thought that I would be really nervous to perform on the stage but there is a different between no audience and with audience. I feel nervous when there is no fan but when there are fans, it feels like the stage is full with them so it feels more comfortable for me to perform.

Q: Didn’t you guys have a hard time during your trainee years?

Wendy: There was a time where I used raincoat and run around to keep me in shape. It was a very fun moment. (smiling)

Joy: I think i was lake of skill compare to other members because I only trained for 2 years. So i practiced more and i could debut because of the help from the members.

Irene: I like how each member can fill out the lack of other members. I could not debut without these members.

Q: You guys look good and close to each other

Seulgi: I think it would be harder for me without the members. A lot of good things happened after we were chose to be in a same group. Teamwork is more important than competition between the members so we are helping each other.

Wendy: We will do our 5 minutes talk before we go to sleep. It was supposed to be 5 minutes but it changed to 2 hours talk after we did it quite a lot. We monitor each other image and we will ask each other questions like “How was today?” and so on.

Q: Super Junior’s Kyuhyeon talked about Seulgi in Radio Star so do you felt the burden?

Seulgi: I felt good and it was an honour since he knew about me. I felt a little burden but after the broadcast, a lot of pictures were uploaded and a lot of good comments so it cheered me up too.

Q: I heard that Wendy has a lot of individual talents?

Wendy: I like doing individual talents. But most of it are not appropriate to show in a TV programs. I like how i can make people smile. If we get invited to go to a radio show, every night i will practice with my weird voice (smiling)

Q: Red Velvet’s colour hair is the symbol of the group but what did you think about it the first time you heard about it?

Seulgi: I was really shocked when i heard about the concept

Joy:  Some fans said that they can identify us by our hair colour so I’m comfortable at that part

Q: Did you guys did some mistakes during the performance?

Joy: During the first stage, i didn’t know which camera should i look so i looked at other place. After that i worked really hard but it is hard even now.

Wendy: There is a time when i feel really happy when i see the fans but sometimes when we are singing live, i cannot sing with the right notes because i feel very excited.

Seulgi: I’m a type of person who sweat easily. Sometime when i see our performance, i can see that i sweat a lot.

Q: I heard Irene likes to cook

Irene: Recently we went to Ddok Island to play so we did grocery together and we did our know sandwich. We even ate our own lunch box and it was so delicious. We did picnic and rode a bike too.

Q: Don’t you guys want to go for a vacation on summer?

Wendy: Even though we could not go for a vacation but when we were a trainee, we saw a lot of nice scenery because we went to the provinces a lot. Recently we went to Sokcho and it was so good.

Q: Do you guys have any aim as a singer?

Wendy: I got goose bumps when i saw the Lee Seonhee senior’s Hidden SInger edition. She sang “Don’t forget me by Baek Jiyoung” and “One class of Soju by Lim Chang Jeong” and i could see how professional and what a veteran singer she is. I hope that i can be a singer that could touch someone’s heart even just by singing a few bars of a song.

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