[RKL] Knetizens react to “Hayoung the prettiest member of Apink”

1. [5202+,831-] And she is also the no 1 member who do not get recognition from people…..

2. [3955+,332-] When you see her scientifically, she really has a very beautiful fan. In other case like Son Naeun, there are people who like her fan and who doesn’t like her face

3. [2441+,330-] Pretty~~~~~~~

4. [2392+,] She deserved to be no 1! She is pretty

5. [2160+,307-] Pretty but! I like Chorong more after i watch Show Time ㅋ

6. [304+,30-] She will look forever young with this look even even after 20 years old. This type of face will not age and it will stay like this for a long time

7. [281+,42-] When i met Apink in real life, i thought that Naeun would be really pretty because everybody was like “Oh she is so pretty” but she is ‘just’ pretty but Hayoung looks sooo good in real life! You need to talk about it after you meet them in real life

8. [245+,22-] She looked like that even when she was at 3rd grade of middle school.. You will know it if you look at apink articles

9. [228+,16-] Why the leader’s bag always become a pharmacy? ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋ

10. [206+,15-] She is pretty but my eyes go to other members more

translated by randomkorealife



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