[RKL] Knetizens react to “T-ara’s Music Core Comeback stage”

1. [12015+,727-] I’m wondering what is the reason they always come out with a new song even when they knew that they would be hated by people

2. [10286+,548-] Bobbed hair doesn’t really good on Hyomin

3. [8792+,762-] Ah… Fu**king hate them……………..

4. [7919+,1060] Ok… You guys won won…. (sarcastic)

5. [6862+,525-] Soyeon’s nose… was pretty last time

6. [1390+,105-] They were not that good because of the bully scandal but they are still not good even after the scandal… Really weird

7. [1393+,119] A group of brave Plastic Monster unnies

8. [1269+,87-] They should became a guess in a Gag Concert’s Strong Mental. They are showing how strong their mind is

9. [1224+,109-] Your company’s representative is bad and even you guys are bad. Show your true-self!

10. [1126+,99-] The song is so weird…. They like to release weird song

translated by randomkorealife



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