[RKL] Knetizens react to “Taetiseo hits number 1 on 6 charts”

Taetiseo hits no 1 on Genie, Olleh, Soribada, Daum Music, Bugs and Monkey 3 charts and they are currently no 4 on Melon Chart.

1. [3190+,1880-] They hits no 1 with an album track.. Taetiseo’s class goosebumps

2. [2734+,1463-] They are pretty amazing with their pre-release song that hits no 1

3. [2524+,1433-] The song is only one of the tracks in the album but why is it so good? All 3 of them have a good voice

4. [2111+,1274-] You will like it if you keep listening to it..

5. [1980+,1207-] Taetiseo Hwaiting

6. [396+,164-] Of course they are popular because all 3 of them are SNSD members. They are also a group that has a good visual ㅋㅋ Be strong representation of Korea’s girl group Soshi!!

7. [374+,143-] I heard the song accidentally.. and i thought it was their title track. I feel happy because it has the SES feeling when i listen to it! Stay strong!

8. [436+,205-] They did even promote it but it hits no 1 goosebumps

9. [397+,173-] I really like this song. It makes me want to listen to it more ㅋ Can’t wait for the other tracks

10. [391+,167- ] A sexy song.. This is my kind of song

translated by randomkorealife



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