[RKL] Knetizens react to ” Krystal-Rain: We look good together right?”

1. [5515+,394-] Not really ㅎㅎ

2. [4930+,338-] You guys look so not match with each other which makes people uncomfortable.

3. [2398+,299-] The clothes coordination looks pretty

4. [2148+,514-] It looks like as an actor, Rain teaches Krystal a lot about acting by reading the interview .So that’s why we can see that Krystal is really depending on him

5. [1663+,565-] They almost have the same height ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [574+,67-] Even if a singer is very pretty, but she still can have that actress/actor’s face

7. [643+,138-] I don’t think Krystal is suitable for this drama. She didn’t even become a supporting actor but she suddenly became the main actress. She has SM behind her back. The drama always flop when someone from SM in the drama. I don’t want to support this drama because i hate SM. Rain chose the wrong partner

8. [506+,75-] Did Krystal do plastic surgery? She looks fu**king beautiful when she is standing alone but she looks like a normal person when she stands beside an actor

9. [455+,54-] 33years old and 22years old.. Not match with each other.

10. [485+,135-] Can they stop making Lee Byeong Hoon and Rain from coming out? Fu**king hate it really

translated by randomkorealife



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