[RKL] Knetizens react to “Hallyu Idol ‘Super Junior’ won no 1 again at Music Core”

1. [224+,40-] What the heck? All of them did even come to perform;

2. [134+,23-] The news about this came out so fast… ㄷㄷㄷ

3. [135+,39-] All the three teams, you all did a great job~!!

4. [132+,46-] Hwaiting on your Concert today Super Junior♥♥

5. [189+,135-] If the girl group won no 1, the reaction must be really different. Everything looks so obvious. Everybody will said “Good Job Good Job” to the boy groups if they won

6. [95+,48-] A very unique group and a group than did something that never been achieve by other group, they won no 1 even when their song is no 97 at Melon Chart

7. [63+,25-] If they won no1 with their song at 97 at chart, they must be selling a lot of album to cover the score.

8. [56+,19-] SM must be in a rush ㅋㅋㅋ They kept releasing an album for their artist ㅋㅋ f(x) didn’t even finish their promotion and red velvet came out. And after that Red Velvet was promotion with Taemin. Then Taemin and Suju were promotion together. After that, Taetiseo came

9. [70+,36-] A lot of people cursed at VIXX when they won no 1 while their song was at 76 at music chart nut Super Junior has a different class because people don’t even curse at them when they won no 1 with their song at 95 at music charts

10. [36+,9-] I’m a WINNER fan but congrats for winning no 1!

translated by randomkorealife



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