[RKL] Knetizens react to “Taeyeon got Eliminated at Hidden Singer”

1. [1954+,46-] The most interesting part was all the members expect Hyoyeon recognized her voice

2. [1333+,45-] That was so daebak really…. ㄷㄷ

3. [1179+,199-] I also thought that number two was not Taeyeon;;;

4. [966+,50-] My father guessed it right for both round… How could people eliminated her…

5. [964+,188-] Taeyeon’s voice is not that special. Rihanna is one of the person who has special voice but she doesn’t know how to sing live

6. [641+,73-] Taeyeon sang a lot of OSTs but why did they ask Taeyeon to sing Gee? What the heck Hidden Singer PD? They did it by purpose so that she could get eliminated. They only need to listen to Taeyeon’s part in Gee to be fair. That was the reason why they asked Taeyeon to sing If at the first round

7. [542+,38-] Why did they ask her to sing a song that need to be sang by a whole group

8. [535+,41-] Why did they ask her to sing that song?? She has a lot of solo songs;;

9. [497+,32-] But why she had to sing SNSD’s song gee….

10. [439+,40] It is ridiculous how they asked her to sing a group song… She has lots of solo song… And it looks like they asked Hyoyeon to pretend that she didn’t know which one was the real Taeyeon… It was so disappointing

translated by randomkorealife



One thought on “[RKL] Knetizens react to “Taeyeon got Eliminated at Hidden Singer”

  1. it’s soooo weird. i could easily guess which one is taeyeon in all four (or was it five? lol) especially in the last round. it’s indeed weird to make her sing Gee, other members’ part no less. during manyage and can you hear me it;s sooooo obvious which one is taeyeon’s voice!

    also, according to fanaccounts, hyoyeon actually guessed it right… ;/

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