[RKL] Knetizens react to “Taetiseo won their 3rd No 1 at Music Bank”

1. [2038+,225-] It is so obvious that they need to pretend that there is nothing happened. They need to be professional when they come out on the television. You guys will swear to them again and saying you hate them if they make faces on the television.

2. [1269+,183-] I could not really listened to their voice

3. [1217+,412-] Congratulation for winning number 1^^ You guys were pretty today. Cheer up!!! But the sound systems were really bad

4. [969+,392-] Taetiseo… You guys must be really tired but thank you…! I will always support you

5. [880+,410-] You guys worked really hard for it Love ya ♡

6. [297+,106-] You guys will curse them and say that they are fake if they cry and you guys will curse them and say that they have no shame if they smile! What should they do then so that you guys can stop swearing at them?

7. [287+,109-] It made me feel sad when i saw Seohyun back-hugged Taeyeon. It was so nice to see that Aliee was also taking care of them^^

8. [270+,93-] Taetiseo Congratulation~ But today’s sound systems were the worst…

9. [258+,89-] COngratulation for winning number 1!! Hwaiting But what happened to the sound systems today?

10. [226+,62-] I’m not a SNSD’s fan but congrats for winning number 1 and cheer up SONE

translated by randomkorealife



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