[RKL] Knetizens react to “Luhan follows Kris’s step. How about the other members?”

1. [1947+,69] Crazy.. A complete failure now

2. [1701+,114-] Bye Bye Someone should fire Kim Yeong Min from SM

3. [1426+,38-] SM’s situation now: someone call the doctor

4. [1305+,33-] What the fu**! What the heck happened to SM on 2014. Fu**king crazy;

5. [1226+,83-] As expected, Kim Yeong Min is a OOO. (P/s: This guy might wanted to say that Kim Yeong Min is a son of a bi*ch)

6. [381+,6-] Poor the korean members and it must be really sad for both Xiumin and Chen. Poor the other 2 Chinese members but it is now over

7. [340+,5-] What will happen to the other 2 Chinese members. I was thinking about Luhan might leave EXO yesterday but i was shocked that it happened today. I’m a fan but please don’t back stab others and if you guys wanna leave, leave together.

8. [286+,6-] Now they cannot split between K and M. Just be one group from now. There are only 4 members and Chen might be the only one who will sing

9. [269+,9-] I just wanna go back to Growl era. I thought it was a rumor… but he really wanted to leave .. I thought that it was a rumor… but Beakyeon really was dating… I didn’t know that Kris wanted to leave.. All the rumors become reality… Rumor is one scary thing

10. [261+,11-] I feel so sorry to those members like Suho and other members who trained for a long time and debuted but had to become the victims because of their members

translated by randomkorealife



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