[RKL] Knetizens react to “Luhan wants to terminate his contract with SM”


1. [11617+,237-] There is no beautiful goodbye in SM.

2. [11279+361-] We can say that SM will not get any trainees from China from now on.

3. [9985+,1170-] Chinese and their backstabbing… Really

4. [8123+,275] Daebak… The rumpur mills

5. [5969+,117-] Heol?????????? What the heck….. Heol??

6. [2976+, 142] f(x) Victoria is the only one who still remains in the company… She is a true loyal girl. She has a strong mental

7. [2542+,58-] Recommend this to those who dont know this guy

8.[2149+,22-] Leeteuk went to Radio Star and said that there is something gonna happen soon… I guess this is it

9. [2647+,528-] When Heo Jiwoong said something about it and he got swear by a lot of people but it he was saying the truth

10.[2181+,96] Stop debuting Chinese members

Translated by randomkorealife


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