Oreo + Shaved Ice= Oreo Bingsu!!!

Summer! During this hot summer, what type of food people usually want to eat?
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Food that tastes like heaven!!!

The first thing that i worried about when i came to Korea is FOOD!!!!! I was really afraid that i didn’t like food here but i gained a lot of weight since i came here. I gained 10kg here in one year!!! Continue reading

Do you wanna drink coffee with me?

“커피 한잔 어때요 (Keopi hanjan otaeyo)” which means “Do you wanna drink coffee with me?” is actually the first sentence that i learned from my korean teacher to pick a girl. I was not into coffee when i was in Malaysia until my teacher gave a “Maxim” which is a very popular coffee brand in Korea and i started to drink coffee since then! If you guys come to Korea, you can see coffee shops everywhere from Starbucks to Angel-in-us. But i prefer Hollys Cafe compare to Starbucks maybe because of the atmosphere!! Thats all from me!! See you guys next time!! And i will try to update more soon!!!!